AudioMoth v1.2.0

Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince

Accessories for AudioMoth v1.2.0
  • Audiomoth IPX7 Case - $39.99 USD (details)
  • AudioMoth Underwater Case - $39.99 USD (details)

Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince

The AudioMoth was created by two computer science PhD students at the University of Southampton, Andrew Hill and Peter Prince, together with Alex Rogers, a computer science professor at the University of Oxford. The AudioMoth is the first product of their OpenAcousticDevices initiative.

AudioMoth is a low-cost, open-source acoustic monitoring device used for monitoring wildlife. AudioMoth is not only sensitive to audible sounds but well into ultrasonic frequency range. It records uncompressed audio from 8000 up to 384,000 samples per second onto micro SD card


  • EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Capable of recording uncompressed audio to micro SD from 8k to 384k samples/second
  • Records uncompressed WAV files to SD card
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Analog pre-amplifier with adjustable gain
  • Measures just 58 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Configurable USB interface
  • Onboard real-time clock keeps track of time in UTC
  • New indented switch, SD card connector and USB connector to better protect the switch from accidental damage and to allow for a flush fit inside cases and enclosures.
  • New right-angle mounted PMOD header for expansion boards using UART.
  • Comes with pre-installed firmware

Enhancements in version 1.2.0 include:

  • New onboard MEMS microphone
  • Improved recording quality
  • Improved performance with rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Exposed footprint on the PCB for an external microphone via a 3.5 mm jack. (Note: This requires hand soldering. LabMaker does not provide this part)
  • IMPORTANT TO KNOW: When the 3.5mm socket is attached, AudioMoth is no longer compatible with the Official AudioMoth IPX7 case.

Comes with firmware version 1.5.0 pre-installed

Note that all versions of AudioMoth firmware and apps are compatible with all hardware versions.

    Batteries, microSD card and USB cable not included. 


    US$15 for each Audiomoth going to the developers supports further product development.


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