ARGOS Horizon Module

Founding developers Alasdair Davies, Robin Freeman and Rachael Kemp

Accessories for ARGOS Horizon Module

Founding developers Alasdair Davies, Robin Freeman and Rachael Kemp

The device was developed by the Arribada Initiative and the Zoological Society of London to unlock access to low-cost open source bio-logging technology, where Alasdair Davies was the main coordinator with the goal to design, develop and produce open hardware to be used in animal conservation as part of his Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship.

Horizon is an open source plug-and-play solution to develop or deploy your own satellite telemetry solution.


The ARGOS Horizon Module is the Argos ARTIC-R2 transmitter itself. Compatible with next generation ARGOS-4 satellites and the future KINEIS constellation of nanosatellites.

This ARGOS Horizon Module is open-source and contains all that is needed for accessing the Argos satellite system, the best low power global satellite system. The  design allows you to simply plug and play into your own board or configure through the ARGOS Horizon GPS Dev Board via the picoblade cable.

"The ARTIC-R2 is an integrated low power small size ARGOS 2/3/4 single chip radio. ARTIC-R2 implements a message based wireless interface. For satellite uplink communication, ARTIC-R2 will encode, modulate and transmit provided user messages. For downlink communication, ARTIC-R2 will lock to the downstream, demodulate and decode it and extract the satellite messages."

Integrate into your custom solution

After evaluating, connect the Argos ARTIC transmitter to your own custom device / solution and integrate with your own hardware and microcontroller without having to re-spin the board.


  • Dimensions: 35mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 6 grams
  • RX frequency: 466MHz – TX frequency: 400MHz
  • Compliant to all ARGOS 3 and ARGOS 4 RX and TX standards.



Emily M. Duncan, Alasdair Davies,Amy Brooks,Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury,Brendan J. Godley, Jenna Jambeck, Taylor Maddalene, Imogen Napper, Sarah E. Nelms, Craig Rackstraw and Heather Koldewey (2020) Message in a bottle: Open source technology to track the movement of plastic pollution. PLOS ONE

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