ETAG dual RFID Reader

Founding developers Eli Bridge, Jay Wilhelm, Meelyn Pandit and Jessica Ruyle

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Founding developers Eli Bridge, Jay Wilhelm, Meelyn Pandit and Jessica Ruyle

The Earth Observation and Modeling Facility at the University of Oklahoma developed the ETAG RFID System to study migration and behaviour in birds using tracking technologies and remote sensing. By open sourcing this full suite technology package, they provide researchers with a powerful set of tools to better understand the behaviour of indigenous species and build a fuller ecological understanding of the world.

This dual RFID reader is an Arduino based hardware system that scans RFID tags and logs the associated data . It integrates with the Electronic Transponder Analysis Gateway (ETAG). This open source database and software system provides professional data management and versatile data dissemination. It is used by the growing community of researchers who apply Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to advance biological inquiries in fields like animal behavior, ecological physiology, and community ecology. 

ETAG frees up time from the management of data collection, analysis, and curation (currently done by hand), leaving researchers with more time for science.


  • Animal behaviour and movement
  • Adaption monitoring in changing environments 
  • Biologging


  • Dual antenna reader system
  • Built in memory (~200,000 reads) extendable via SD Card
  • Power saving mode for remote deployments
  • 5V power supply or battery operation
  • Compatible with EM41xx RFID tags
  • Extendable with the Arduino ecosystem


  • RFID reader board
  • 2 wire coil antennas with 100mm diameter


Bridge ES, Wilhelm J, Pandit MM, Moreno A, Curry CM, Pearson TD, Proppe DS, Holwerda C, Eadie JM, Stair TF, Olson AC, Lyon BE, Branch CL, Pitera AM, Kozlovsky D, Sonnenberg BR, Pravosudov VV, and Ruyle JE (2019): An Arduino-based RFID platform for animal research. Front. Ecol. Evol. 7:257


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