Miniscope V4 - Rigid Flex PCB

Founding developer Daniel Aharoni


Founding developer Daniel Aharoni

With the sweeping success of the Miniscope family, Daniel Aharoni continues to develop neuro-behavioral recording techniques for freely behaving animals from his UCLA lab. The UCLA miniscope community maintains a WiKi to help disseminate this open source technology to the larger neuroscience community.

The Miniscope V4 Rigid Flex PCB holds all the electronics needed to power and control the on-board CMOS imaging sensor, excitation LED and electrowetting lens.


  • ATmega328 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller
  • PYTHON 480 CMOS imaging sensor
  • BNO055 head orientation sensor
  • U.FL coax connector
  • Excitation LED and driver
  • Electrowetting lens driver

Made in Germany by a rigid-flex PCB specialist. 


The current lead time for fulfilment of this product is approximately 10 weeks from the date of ordering.


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