Miniscope V4 - DAQ PCB

Founding developer Daniel Aharoni

Accessories for Miniscope V4 - DAQ PCB

Founding developer Daniel Aharoni

After the sweeping success of the V3.2 Miniscope Daniel Aharoni continues to raise miniscope technology to new levels from his UCLA lab focussed on developing neuro-behavioral recording techniques for freely behaving animals. Significant contributors to the V4 were also the Cai and Shuman labs at Mount Sinai, and the Blair lab at UCLA.

It builds on the GolshaniSilva, and Khakh UCLA labs' initiative coordinated by Daniel Aharoni of making Mark Schnitzer's pioneering invention (Nature Methods 2011) open source. 

The UCLA miniscope community maintains a WiKi to help disseminate this open source technology to the larger neuroscience community.

Data Acquisition PCB for Miniscope V4

    • The Miniscope V4 - Data Acquisition PCB mediates communication between the Miniscope V4 and the PC. It connects over high speed USB 3.0.
    • DAQ PCB provided in default configuration with tactile switch and jumpers
    • Fully programmed with the Miniscope V4 firmware flashed to the EEPROM.



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