ZEMO - Zebrafish Monitor

Founding developers Seth Johnson, Joshua Yates, Zachary Frederich and Jonathon Hill

Accessories for ZEMO - Zebrafish Monitor

Founding developers Seth Johnson, Joshua Yates, Zachary Frederich and Jonathon Hill

The ZeMo was developed by Jonathon Hill and his team at Brigham Young University, Dept. of Physiology and Developmental Biology. They are interested in how genes are regulated during heart formation. ZeMo was created to help monitor and optimize the water conditions of their zebrafish holding tanks.

ZeMo, the ZEbrafish MOnitor, is an automated aquarium monitoring system. It was created with research zebrafish in mind, but can be used for any aquatic species. It continually monitors water temperature, pH, conductivity (salt content), and dissolved oxygen but is also customizable. Its web-based software allows viewing parameter histories online. It alerts users when water quality values leave the desired range. Thus, for zebrafish and other aquatic organisms it provides careful monitoring for adjusting and optimizing water quality for health and survival. 


The following parameters are tracked with our kit.

Parameter Unit Sensor
Temperature Celsius Atlas Scientific PT-1000 + EZO™ RTD Temperature Circuit
μS/cm Atlas Scientific ENV-40-EC-K1.0 + EZO™ Conductivity Circuit

Dissolved Oxygen

mg/L Atlas Scientific ENV-40-DOX + EZO™ Dissolved Oxygen Circuit
Acidity pH Atlas Scientific ENV-40-pH + EZO™ pH Circuit


The ZeMo is a ready-to-go, hassle free water quality monitoring system that has been tailored for the research environment. The ZeMo uses the high quality DIY components of Atlas Scientific with on-board calibration and temperature compensation. It integrates them for a high-end open-source water monitoring system that includes an embedded computer, a touchscreen, web interface, and email alerts. It makes continuous water quality monitoring attainable for a wide range of aquarium installations. The open-source nature of its software allows customizing ZeMo functionality to perfectly integrate it into the workflow of research aquarium installations and experimental procedures. The cloud connection allows users to access their data remotely, display them in dynamic graphs, and even embed them in their lab's website.


  • ZeMo control computer with WIFI and touch screen
  • Atlas Scientific PT-1000 Temperature Probe (accuracy +/- 0.15 ̊C)
  • Atlas Scientific Conductivity Probe K 1.0 (accuracy +/- 2%)
  • Atlas Scientific Lab Grade Dissolved Oxygen Probe (accuracy +/- 0.05mg/L)
  • Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH Probe (accuracy +/- 0.002)
  • USB Powered with universal power supply
  • SD Card with ZeMo Software Pre-Installed


    Johnson S, Yates J, Frederich Z, Hill J (2018). ZeMo: An open source water quality monitoring system for aquaria, Zebrafish

    Accessories and replacements also available from Atlas Scientific and its distributors. 


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