Hydromoth with Underwater Case

Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince


Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince

The AudioMoth was created by two computer science PhD students at the University of Southampton, Andrew Hill and Peter Prince, together with Alex Rogers, a computer science professor at the University of Oxford. The AudioMoth is the first product of their OpenAcousticDevices initiative.

HydroMoth is a variant of the standard AudioMoth specifically designed to be deployed in the underwater case. The HydroMoth hardware is directly compatible with all AudioMoth firmware and uses the same audio front-end and microphone as the standard AudioMoth 1.2.0 and AudioMoth Dev boards. 


  • Tested to a depth of 30m for 2 months, no leakage
  • Fully submersible with the underwater case
  • Re-positioned LEDs for improved visibility in the underwater case
  • Improved 32.768 kHz MEMS oscillator to reduce clock drift
  • In-built magnetic reed switch, which enables recordings to be started and stopped in wet conditions without opening the case
  • Compatible with all AudioMoth software
  • Comes with firmware version 1.5.0 pre-installed


  • Hydromoth with Underwater Case

     Batteries, microSD card and USB cable not included.


    Fulfilment of new orders will be done in 6-8 weeks from ordering.


    • TAC Lamont, L Chapuis, B Williams, S Dines, T Gridley, G Frainer, J Fearey, PB Maulana, ME Prasetya, J Jompa, DJ Smith, SD Simpson (2022). HydroMoth: Testing a prototype low-cost acoustic recorder for aquatic environments. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation.


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