UC2 - Minibox

Founding developers Benedict Diederich and René Lachmann

Accessories for UC2 - Minibox

Founding developers Benedict Diederich and René Lachmann

While at the Leibniz-Institute for Photonic Technology, in Jena, Germany, Benedict Diederich  and René Lachmann combined their expertise and passions to democratize the field of modular microscopy. They aim to bring modular, open source optics to the most advanced use cases in microscopy. Both explore innovative solutions, blending optics, electronics, and software. They are the founders of openUC2, dedicated to not just keeping up with technology but pushing it forward.

The UC2 is a groundbreaking technology for rapid prototyping and endless customization of optics for science. The clamp connection of the click-and-go cubes offer precise alignment and easy prototyping. From microscopy to advanced and automated imaging workflows, UC2 empowers optics technology.


The UC2 Minibox is the introductory set to explore and teach microscopy. Its modular design and versatile components enable exploration in microscopy, imaging, and beyond. It comes with a printed guide to build 9 optics setups, including a smartphone microscope. Mounted with high-quality mirrors, lenses, an eye piece, and a sample holder, the UC2 cubes ensures precise and reliable results in your optical experiments. It's a didactic masterpiece, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on exploration. The detailed booklet guides users through several classical applications to learn about all optical matters. Dive into the fascinating world of optics with real-life examples showcasing the differences between Kepler and Galilean telescopes, as well as the intriguing concepts of magnification and projection. This toolbox is not only a valuable asset for individuals but also an invaluable resource in educational settings, bringing optical physics alive in a practical and applied context.


  • Click-and-go cubes: Effortless assembly and adjustment for rapid prototyping.


  • 1x Instruction manual with various experiments
  • 1x Sample holder cube
  • 2x 45° mounted mirror cube
  • 2x collecting lens 50 mm cube
  • 1x collecting lens 100 mm cube
  • 1x diverging lens – 50 mm lens
  • 1x 4x microscope objective with cube
  • 1x LED flashlight
  • 1x smartphone holder
  • 2x embedded samples
  • 8x base plates
  • Organized foam box for convenient storage and transportation


The product is available for immediate shipping.


B Diederich, R Lachmann, S Carlstedt, B Marsikova, H Wang, X Uwurukundo, AS Mosig, R Heintzmann (2020). A versatile and customizable low-cost 3D-printed open standard for microscopic imaging. Nature Communications

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