UC2 - Cubes with base plates

Founding developers Benedict Diederich and René Lachmann

Accessories for UC2 - Cubes with base plates

Founding developers Benedict Diederich and René Lachmann

While at the Leibniz-Institute for Photonic Technology, in Jena, Germany, Benedict Diederich  and René Lachmann combined their expertise and passions to democratize the field of modular microscopy. They aim to bring modular, open source optics to the most advanced use cases in microscopy. Both explore innovative solutions, blending optics, electronics, and software. They are the founders of openUC2, dedicated to not just keeping up with technology but pushing it forward.

The UC2 cubes are the basis of a groundbreaking system for rapid prototyping and endless customization of optics for science. The clamp connection of the click-and-go cubes offer precise alignment and easy prototyping. From microscopy to advanced and automated imaging workflows, UC2 empowers optics technology.

    The injection molded UC2 cubes and base plates can be used to build any of the published UC2 designs. And they give you the freedom to tinker with any design you may have in mind. Required holders for lenses and other optical components can be laser cut or 3D-printed using the CAD designs provided by the open source documentation (see above).


    • Click-and-go cubes: Effortless assembly for rapid prototyping
    • Injection molded, accurate and precise.


    • Set of empty UC2 cubes with 20 or 100 cubes
    • one base plate per cube


    Fulfillment will be done in 8-10 weeks from ordering.


    B Diederich, R Lachmann, S Carlstedt, B Marsikova, H Wang, X Uwurukundo, AS Mosig, R Heintzmann (2020). A versatile and customizable low-cost 3D-printed open standard for microscopic imaging. Nature Communications

    Ando C. Zehrer, Ana Martin-Villalba, Benedict Diederich, Helge Ewers (2023). An open-source, high resolution, automated fluorescence microscope. Preprint BioRxiv.

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