Tetrode Twister

Founding developer Josh Siegle

Accessories for Tetrode Twister

Founding developer Josh Siegle

Josh Siegle is a staff scientist at the Allen Institute. He received his PhD at MIT. He is the co-founder of Open Ephys dedicated to open source methods development across the electrophysiology community.

Package contents: Fully assembled and programmed tetrode twister based on Arduino, power cable, clip holder with clip

The Twister was designed to equal or surpass in quality all other available products to help you speed up the tetrode-making process. With two knobs you adjust the number of turns and with the play/pause button start and stop the twister. Furthermore, you can modify the software as you see fit with the source files available. If you need more background information on the tetrode-making process, check out the following video article in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. The Twister contains a microcontroller, an LCD display, a servo motor, a voltage regulator, photocells, potentiometers, buttons, and more. And, of course, you'll also need tetrode wire, which can be purchased on Amazon (Sandvik Kanthal HP Reid Precision Fine Tetrode Wire, Nickel-Chrome 0.012 mm diameter).

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