Miniscope - LFOV

Founding developers Daniel Aharoni, Changliang Guo and Peyman Golshani


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Founding developers Daniel Aharoni, Changliang Guo and Peyman Golshani

Daniel Aharoni, Peyman Golshani and Changliang Guo work on continuously developing neuro-behavioral recording techniques for freely behaving animals. The Miniscope LFOV is one such milestone in that direction. The UCLA miniscope community maintains a WiKi to help disseminate this open-source technology to the larger neuroscience community.

The MiniLFOV joins the successful series of miniscopes from UCLA. This miniscope has a very large field of view but is also heavy. Therefore, it is best suited for head-fixed mice or rodents larger than mice, or for non-human primates. It records from over 1000 neurons simultaneously in hippocampal CA1 layer while animals move freely. Under head fixed conditions the MiniLFOV can pick up signals from around 2000 neurons in the dorsal cortex through a cranial window. For imaging with the MiniLFOV you need a Data Acquisition Controller connected via USB 3.0 to a computer with the UCLA miniscope data acquisition software installed. 


  • Large field of view (3.6 x 2.7 mm²)
  • Electronic focus with electrowetting lens with a 3.5 mm focus depth
  • ~3 µm resolution
  • Requires 0.5x excitation power of previous systems
  • Includes 9 DOF absolute head-orientation sensor
  • weighs 13.9 g
  • 30 mm tall
  • still uses only a single coaxial cable (down to 0.3 mm Ø) for power, communication, and data.


  • Fully-assembled and tested Miniscope LFOV
  • Lens configuration 1
  • Base plate
  • 300 cm coaxial cable, 1 mm Ø, Hirose U.FL connector


The lead-time for fulfillment is 2 weeks from the date of ordering.

Important Note: The MiniLFOV currently still has an issue with the DAQ software. The frame rates drop to an unstable 10 fps when the gyroscope is sending data. Without gyroscope function the framerate is as advertised. We are working with the community and the developer on a solution. Click on this google forum link to keep you posted.


Guo C, Blair GJ, Sehgal M, Federico N. Jimka S, Bellafard A, Silva AJ, Golshani P, Basso MA, Blair HT and Aharoni D (2023). Miniscope-LFOV: A large field of view, single cell resolution, miniature microscope for wired and wire-free imaging of neural dynamics in freely behaving animals. ScienceAdvances

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