Multichannel Electrophysiology Acquisition Board - PCB only

Founding developers Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts


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Founding developers Josh Siegle and Jakob Voigts

Josh Siegle is a staff scientist at the Allen Institute. Jakob Voigts is at the MIT department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Both are co-founders of  Open Ephys dedicated to open source methods development across the electrophysiology community.

The Acquisition Board is part of a complete platform for conducting multichannel electrophysiology experiments. It works automatically with the powerful Open Ephys GUI available free of charge. This GUI has all the features needed to acquire and visualize your data in real time. It allows the user to configure processing pipelines by mixing and matching modules. There is a Tutorial for new users.

Multichannel Electrophysiology Acquisition board - PCB Only is the main PCB assembly unit and does not include the Opal Kelly FPGA, a power supply or a the 3d printed housing. The PCB assembly however comes with two 5mm thick polycarbonate plates and fasteners to assemble the housing shown on picture above.
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Necessary Accessories: For a fully functional Multichannel Electrophysiology Acquistion Board you need: XEM-6310-LX45 FPGA module from Opal Kelly, a 5V / 1.5A power supply US/EU, and optionally a 3D-printed case

Industry-standard data quality
Stream 512 channels via USB 3.0, powered by industry standard Intan Technologies chips.

Standard interfaces   
Use your system with a wide array of headstages, adapters & breakout-boards designed by you and other labs with the guarantee that things will fit together seamlessly.

Key Features
  • Plug and play (Mac & Win & Linux) after plugging XEM-6310 FPGA module.
  • Industry standard Intan amplifier & A/D chips
  • 1–30 kHz sampling rate
  • Low noise 2.4 µV rms
  • Large input range ± 5 mV
  • True real-time audio monitoring
  • 8 indicator LEDs
  • Up to 8 headstages on 4 tethers (or up to four 128-channel headstages)
  • Standardized digital headstage cables
  • USB 3.0 data transmission
  • 8 TTL inputs 8 TTL outputs (requires additioinal IO-boards, not included)
  • 8 analog inputs (±5V or 0–5V)
  • 8 analog outputs (±5V)
  • Standardized I/O cables


The lead time for fulfilment is 3-4 weeks after receiving the order.

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