UC2 Professional - STORM

Founding developers Benedict Diederich, Ando Zehrer and Helge Ewers


Founding developers Benedict Diederich, Ando Zehrer and Helge Ewers

Built upon the UC2 system developed by Benedict Diederich, the UC2 STORM was adapted by him, Helge Ewers and Ando Zehrer. Their goal of making complex optics projects more accessible was taken to the next level by adding this super-resolution microscope to the list of successful UC2 devices.

The UC2 Professional- STORM is a widefield fluorescence microscope. Based on the remarkable UC2 cubes, super resolution microscopy just got accessible! The UC2 modular design is a groundbreaking system that revolutionizes how you construct optical systems. UC2 STORM allows for widefield and fluorescence laser microscopy, while also offering dSTORM integration for resolutions beyond 1 µm. The LABmaker series of UC2 Professional instruments connects cubes through plates milled from solid aluminum instead of the original UC2 plastic puzzle pieces. Instruments are mounted on a standard M6/25 mm optical breadboard.


The UC2 STORM is a versatile microscope capable of widefield fluorescence microscopy, standard immunofluorescence microscopy, live-cell microscopy, and long-term live-cell microscopy assays.


  • Super resolution
  • Stable for long term cell tracking
  • Widefield and laser fluorescence microscopy
  • Professional quality with an aluminum milled scaffold.


  • dSTORM capable widefield fluorescence microscope
  • Including laser (CLASS 3R, 630nm) and LED matrix (color adjustable)
  • Motor actuated x, y and z stage, fully integrated into ImSwitch
  • objective (63x)
  • Camera (monochrome 800x500 pixels, 20-bit, 122 fps, USB 2)
  • mounted on an M6/25 mm optical breadboard.


AC Zehrer, A Martin-Villalba, B Diederich, H Ewers (2023). An open-source, high resolution, automated fluorescence microscope. bioRxiv

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