Miniscope V4 - Hot Fix Flex PCB

Founding developer Daniel Aharoni


Founding developer Daniel Aharoni

With the sweeping success of the Miniscope family, Daniel Aharoni continues to develop neuro-behavioral recording techniques for freely behaving animals from his UCLA lab. The UCLA miniscope community maintains a WiKi to help disseminate this open source technology to the larger neuroscience community.

Hot fix PCB for the early Miniscope V4 units BEFORE version 4.40. Provides a dedicated voltage regulator for the imaging sensor. The circuit isolates the 3.3V reference voltage of the CMOS image sensor from the electrical noise produced by the electrowetting lens driver. Instructions

DD_PIX Hot Fix PC Specs:

  • 2 layer flex PCB
  • Designed to be easily installed to existing Miniscopes V4.3 and below.
  • Made in Germany


Pre-Orders will be fulfilled end-January, 2021.

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