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Founding developer Richard Warren

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Founding developer Richard Warren

Richard Warren obtained his PhD in neuroscience and machine learning from  Columbia University. As a researcher at Nate Sawtell's lab, he used machine learning to understand how brains control behaviour and ensuring that measurements of behaviour keep in pace with measurements of neural activity.

The KineMouse wheel is a light-weight running wheel for head-fixed locomotion in mice that allows 3D reconstruction of the position of the body with a single camera.

The transparent floor and a mirror mounted inside at 45°, allows you to capture two orthogonal views with a single camera, enabling 3D reconstruction of body kinematics with a high-speed camera. The open source DeepLabCut software will then automatically track the paws and tail with high accuracy.

Since the wheel is primarily made of acrylic and polycarbonate it is lightweight, allowing mice to run quickly and happily.

See video demonstrating a head-fixed 3D behavioral tracking, and kinematic analysis.


    • light weight
    • Captures two orthogonal views with a single camera
    • Mainly made out of acrylic and polycarbonate
    • Exchangeable track


    • Fully assembled KineMouse wheel setup
    • Exchangeable silicone foil with track for mouse to run on


    RA Warren, Q Zhang, JR Hoffman, EY Li, YK Hong, RM Bruno, NB Sawtell. (2021) A rapid whisker-based decision underlying skilled locomotion in mice. eLife.


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