AudioMoth v1.0.0

Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince

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Founding developers Alex Rogers, Andrew Hill, Peter Prince

The AudioMoth was created by two computer science PhD students at the University of Southampton, Andrew Hill and Peter Prince, together with Alex Rogers, a computer science professor at the University of Oxford. The AudioMoth is the first product of their OpenAcousticDevices initiative.

AudioMoth is a low-cost, open-source acoustic monitoring device used for monitoring wildlife. AudioMoth is not only sensitive to audible sounds but well into ultrasonic frequencies. It records uncompressed audio onto a micro SD card from 8,000 to 384,000 samples per second.

AudioMoth units can be programmed to monitor wildlife populations by recording the calls of specific target species. Furthermore, it can serve as an alert system detecting sounds of human exploitation, such as the blast of a shotgun or the roar of a chainsaw.


  • EFM32 Gecko processor
  • Capable of recording at sampling rates of up to 384kHz
  • Records uncompressed WAV files to microSD card (Available here)
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries
  • Analog MEMS microphone
  • Analog pre-amplifier with adjustable gain
  • Measures just 58 x 48 x 15 mm
  • Configurable USB interface
  • Onboard real-time clock keeps track of time
  • Comes with a plastic bag to prevent damage by moisture

Units from LabMaker come with the firmware already installed. Batteries, microSD card and USB cable not included.


Orders are fulfilled from our warehouses in Europe and the USA, based on shipping address for smooth and quick delivery. 


• Hill AP, Prince P, Piña Covarrubias E, Doncaster CP, Snaddon JL, and Rogers A (2017). AudioMoth: Evaluation of a smart open acoustic device for monitoring biodiversity and the environment. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

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