Founding developers Timm Wild and Martin Wikelski

Accessories for TickTag
  • TickTag Case for 165mAh LiPo (Pack of 20) - $99.00 USD (details)
  • TickTag Case for LiPo Outside (Pack of 20) - $99.00 USD (details)
  • TickTag User Interface Board - $45.00 USD (details)

Founding developers Timm Wild and Martin Wikelski

Martin Wikelski is director at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior and professor at the University of Konstanz. He investigates global animal migrations and pursues the goal of creating an intelligent sensor network of animals—the “Internet of Animals”—also for protecting animals worldwide.
Tim Wild is a researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior focusing on Animal Migration.

The TickTag GPS logger is micro-sized below 1g, but still collects thousands of GPS fixes. You access it via a simple smartphone user interface.  The TickTag bridges a technological gap in wildlife ecology. Finally, perform high-resolution studies with small animals.  Or, scale-up your studies and make it a ‘wearable’ for larger animals. 


TickTags connect to the user interface breakout board (UIB) as the smartphone link for data download and system configuration.  

  • Records over 10,000 GPS fixes on a single 30 mAh battery charge
  • Ultra-light and reusable 
  • Operated via a simple smartphone-compatible user interface


  • 1 x TickTag PCB REV4
  • x TickTag Case fitting a 30mAh LiPo battery (battery NOT included)


  • Dimensions: 23.6 mm x 10 mm
  • Weight: 0.65 grams (excluding 30mAh battery)
  • Atmel ATTINY1626 microcontroller
  • L70B-M39 GPS module
  • Johanson Technology chip antenna
  • 128 kByte EEPROM memory 

    TA Wild ,JC Koblitz, DKN Dechmann, C Dietz, M Meboldt, M Wikelski (2022) Micro-sized open-source and low-cost GPS loggers below 1 g minimise the impact on animals while collecting thousands of fixes. PLOS ONE

     Documentation Source Code  

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